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item soulbound to a class that can't use it..?

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what are the ways for an item to become soulbound to particular character?

as far as I know, an item is soulbound the moment it is equipped by particular character the 1st time. there's, however, probably another way, b/c I have a heavy helmet from a WvW reward box opened by a thief soulbound to this character (which can not use it - thief wears medium armor).

does anyone know how is this possible? i'm not complaining about a bug or anything, just would like to know what might I have possible done, so I don't repeat the same mistake again.

thanks in advance for any helpful posts, and since this is my 1st one here, i'd like to appologize upfront for incorrect categorization. if that's the case, please move to the appropriate forum corner.

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if it smth like a weapon box or such. when you search through the weapons with their stat. in the bottom there is sometimes the line that reads "soulbound on acquire". so when you select this item and open the box the item will be immediatly soulbound even if it makes no sense. but the box itself is account bound.

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