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Repeatable Hearts not showing on full map anymore unless close by the target

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I think this is an issue since today (04 June 2020) since today the repeatable hearts (at least in Thunderhead Peaks and Sandswept Islands) don't show up anymore on the full map (pressing the M key) unless I am close by the said hearts. I am quite sure this was not the case yesterday (03 June 2020) as I was farming them for Skyscale. They do however show up once you complete them (at any distance).

Anyone else noticed this?

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Have noticed this ever since PoF came out with their repeatable hearts (may have been on LWS3 already but I played that after I had PoF).

From the wiki "The repeatable Renown Hearts reset their progress each day, if completed, on server reset, enabling players to earn the rewards for completing them again. However, they will not reset progress if not completed, nor will they reset progress towards map completion at server reset."

I think visibility of these hearts is tied to this, if completed, half completed, untouched fully or untouched while completed in the past. When I have them fully uncompleted (like 1st time I enter a map with such) they are all visible to me. I also see them on the big map when I have them like half done. When I have completed them for map completion I don't think I see them unless being close.

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I have not noticed this problem on the PoF maps themselves only the LS4 maps seem to have this issue (and I think since today as my TS says).H9t1rD6.jpgSee the above picture taken today that's how Sandswept Islands, Thunderhead Peak and Jahai Bluffs looked to me yesterday since today all those hearts are missing (and yes on those LS4 maps I had already completed some of the hearts but they were shown with that infinity logo as the screenshot shows). Right click the picture with "Open image in new tab" to show the full 1920x1080 size if it is not clear enough.

As shown in the picture Crystal Oasis was already completed as I needed completion for one of the PoF weapons for my Scourge. (All the infinite hearts shown are completely empty in Crystal Oasis). So I am assuming the not visibility is albeit not intentional a bug.

In LS4 most if not all hearts are required too continue the story so they were already completed (at least Thunderhead Peaks I know for sure you need to complete all hearts too continue the story).

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@"Khisanth.2948" said:It's been like that since at least Ember Bay.

When they reset it's basically turns back into something like when you first entered the map. Some of the time anyway. It is not especially consistent.

I know they reset when you complete them. They should however still be visible like the Crystal Oasis map picture shown.Not like:w3Rws8l.jpgI mean the above map is complete (Hearts) and only 1 heart is shown because I am close to it (and the other 2 repeatable hearts are not shown at all unless I'm close). I mean I know where they are from head by now but I would like them to be shown (even if they are empty) on the maps.

Now that I notice ... they might appear on completed maps and not on maps you have not 100% yet :open_mouth: . Further testing required.

On all LS3 maps I have they just show up and on 5/6 of the LS4 maps they don't unless I'm close like that picture.

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I do the dailys for Aurora atm. And the hearts ind Draconis Mons and Sirens Landing are vanished on map. Is it possible that this happens when you did them all a day before? On all other Maps they show up (atm). But for me as a "new" Player its horror to look them up in wiki all the time to see where i have to go.

Whoever @Rubi Bayer.8493 is - pleace place a prority on this. It somehow hinders from progressing things.

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