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Vanilla Condi Necro PvP Help

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I'm just returning to the game, and I chose to play this Metabattle build (https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Necromancer_-_Vanilla_Condi_Necro).

Basic questions, sorry. Is my strategy:

  • stay as far away as possible from enemies while using staff, throwing down marks
  • cast corrupt boon whenever possible
  • shroud at the start at melee fights and then switch to scepter/warhorn when shroud ends and I'm still in melee?

when is the best time to go lich form? what else should i be doing? in 1v1, am i just trying to get as much distance as I can?

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You'll want to stick to the support on your team and be with the big teamfights as much as possible in order to be most effective.

  • Range is good, you should have another weapon set to swap to of they get close.
  • Save Corrupt Boon until your target has stability, resistance or protection.
  • Build shroud at range and use it to soak up incoming damage when they come close. Try to create distance as you leave shroud again.

A great time to use Lich Form is to cleave over a downed enemy player that their team is trying to ress. Other than that you can use it whenever you need big damage pressure, preferably when you are not focused since it locks you out of alot of your defensive skills.

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