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Re-leveling crafting when discoveries are already made

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@Discobizkit.6531 said:To anyone that has re leveled crafting discoveries appear to be account bound. Since discoveries are a big bonus exp with boosters how did you re level the crafting to a character you actually play? Guides online seem to show discoveries as part of the process.

Recipes are account bound, but discoveries are character bound.So you can make another character with the same craft and discover again.

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I have nine characters, each with two crafts at max level, so I can, with certainty, tell you that discoveries are supposed to be per character, as that's the main way to level crafting until way past level 400.

Only recipes unlocked via a item get accountwide unlocks.

Can you be sure that your alt character which is just levelling up already has every recipe from higher level than they can craft (if what you stated is true, then at lower levels you should be able to see all recipes, even those for which you don't have enough level to craft)? Normally only those acquired from items would show in the list, other than previously discovered recipes.

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