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Contest swords on objectives


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I dont know about everyone else, but im fed up with the fact that anet keeps changing the dmg to walls/gates in wvw, but they NEVER change the 30 sec delay on the contest swords on the map. For those of u who dont know what i mean, let me explain. So, from the time u run up to a tower or a keep or any objectiv in wvw, there is a 30 sec delay from when u attack it, until u can actually see it contested on the mini or the big map. Which was fine 5-6 years ago. But will all the changes being done to wvw, this timer has NEVER been touched, which absolutly ridiculous. 30 sec combined with the new dmg done to walls by catas, is a year. in 30 sec depending on how many catas u got up, u can take a t3 wall down almost before the swords pop up on the map. And this timer is even worse when it comes to camps, there is basically not point even trying to save a camp now, if u only start running to after the swords popo on camp. U can kill everything in a camp in less then 5 sec, and capping takes around 10 sec, "maybe". So i think after 7 years anet, its time to lower the contest delay to maybe 10-15 sec.


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The maps in WvW are so small that you only need 2 scouts. Scouts don't need to sit afk in keep 24/7 but rather south side of the (homebl) keep, working on tower/camp of that spawn. And they do not need to worry about the other side of the map.

Truth is, if you try to manage both sides of map yourself, that's on you. Just build siege, watch some netflix and chill. Defending is already so easy, whats next? Watchtower to show dots attacking keeps? :#

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