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Masters of the Arena PvP Tournament Trailer

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The epic, three day spectacle culminating in a winner of the $13,000 and over 700,000 gold prizepool begins today!

We will see half of the EU and NA regional finals taking place today, with the other half tomorrow!

We have some great, multi-lingual casting options available to you today:


Casters: MightyTeapot, Roy and analysis from Angeels

Stream: https://twitch.tv/mightyteapot


Casters: Waffle

Stream: https://twitch.tv/viking_violet


Casters: Fari and Bronky

Stream: https://twitch.tv/farifarinos


Casters: Faeleth, Inoy and Talek

Stream: https://twitch.tv/dduff


Regional Finals Day 1 : June 5 5PM BST Regional Finals Day 2 : June 6 5PM BST Global Finals : June 7 5pm BST


Check out the prizepool at: https://mightyteapot.tv/pvptournament/prizepool

Add to the cash prizepool at: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/20459/overview


Brackets: https://mightyteapot.tv/pvptournament/bracket

We look forward to sharing this incredible spectacle with you, very very soon!

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