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Serpent's Ire

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  • Daily Vabbi Event Completer AND Daily Vabbi Bounty pull a lot of players into that map. Plenty of people with tags and competence to lead a squad or sub-squad. Try to log during a time, a lot of people from your region are online.
  • Join the map ~ 30 minutes before the Meta Event starts, spread the news in mapchat, explain which collections are connected to Serpent's Ire: Guardian Sunspear Statue which leads to the unlock of the Funerary Gloves and Vanquish Branded Recording for IG-6417 (Inquest backpack). Most players have a long list of unfinished tasks, very few of them remember all of them.
  • Open an own LFG, mentioning the IG-6417 .
  • Join a Legendary Bounty squad and tag along until you reach Vabbi. Suggest the leader, as they are already on the map, to give Serpent's Ire a try. There is no guarantee they will agree, but even asking in squad-chat will cause a couple of players to scan through their own achievements. If you are lucky, some other players will join your request which may lead to change the commanders mind.
  • Join the Forged with Fire meta-event, join the squads and suggest to give Serpent's Ire a try for more loot/achievements. Forged with Fire is almost brain-afk compared to Serpent's Ire. But once the people are all in one place, you do not need much more to get it done.
  • Ask a commander who frequently organizes large event/bounty squads. Either after a run, or during a break. They usually have connections to set up larger groups or at least a good reputation to attract players for their cause.

Note: We did it a couple of times using these methods, starting with 1 person who needed the meta-event. You need patience. You should be motivated and not afraid of talking to people in map/squad chat. If you are not that good with this, ask a friend/guildmember for help. Be presistent, be friendly and you will get the achievement done sooner or later. Good Luck!

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