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Special Forces Achievement Progress Blocked

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Basically I'm having the issue which the Special Forces achievement isn't completing despite me having unlocked every single part of it. If you look at the attatchments you will see that I am missing "Ash Special Mission: This Forest Needs More Bugs", but at the same time I have it completed. The bug happened on the patch day May 26th in the Mistlock Sanctuary zone.

What I tried so far (this cost me a bunch of Ash Legion Special Mission Documents):-Changing zones as well as game modes and using a document, it gave me Karma as if I completed the achievement. Now it gives me the "You have already that content unlocked" warning.-Going to character selection then using a document, same results.-Exiting the game and using the item again, Karma.-Waiting until reset, relogging and then using the item again, same results.-Using one of each type of Special Mission Document, even the wrong ones, to see if it was maybe registered as something else, all of them gave me Karma.-Using it after each reset and bug fix.

The Special Forces achiement simply refuses to complete, even though I have the Special Mission I'd be missing already unlocked and finished. Before you ask, yes I have been using the correct item "Ash Legion Special Mission Document" to try and unlock it. Nothing that I have been trying works.

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