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[Video] Griffon Flights

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Hmm, will be updating for more flying vids, hope you guys like it :smile:

Learning the flying mechanics of the Griffon mount have opened a whole new game mode for me ^__^

We call this area "The Ring of Fire".This was the first area which our guild leader asked us new recruits to try flying around on lol. Finally made it after weeks of practice XD

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Flying around with some of the Griffon Mount Skins

Branded Griffon Skin (The center purple trail comes from the Grand Lightning Catcher backpiece)

Grand Lion Griffon Skin

Shiverpeaks Griffon Skin (The bluish glow comes from the Jormag's Breath Sword)

Primeval Griffon Skin

Flying under the Mist Portal Bridge with the Exo-Suit Griffon Skin (The center Blue trail comes from the Grand Wind Catcher backpiece)

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