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Ready-Check and Spectating


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I propose Ready-Check box instantly appear for players upon their death (timer doesn't start until a side wins the round ofc). There are 3 main reasons I can see for people not to immediately ready up.1: I forgot I needed to ready-up each round/did not see the subtle prompt: This is by far the most common reason I've found that rounds don't start in a timely fashion. Players who just died are far more likely to ready-up than those who have had to wait for a min or two. If needed, the ready-check box flashes for unready players when their teammates are dead.2: I have to afk OR I am a try-hard and need to change my build: The player can choose not to ready-up or, un-ready as the need arises. The matches are so short already, that players are unlikely to need to leave in the middle. 5v5 conquest has been around for ever and those up-to-15min games never allowed players to take a break for more than 20s (which is far shorter than the average length of time dead in deathmatch).3: I DC'd and/or am RQing: Only way to address this is to remove ready checks altogether. (which I'd be perfectly happy with)

I propose allowing defeated players to spectate an ally. It's boring to be dead and have to stare at health bars until you get to play again. Spectating only an ally means that it's really hard to gain the system with coms/chat. This would also make it more likely that the next round will start promptly since the dead players are less likely to leave their computer.

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@Tayga.3192 said:I can feel the spaghetti code.

I do remember back in the pro-league days the order of team-members would swap depending on who was defeated last.

Assuming we would have to temporarily move people from the actual game to spectator mode and back, I can't imagine it'd be that much of a challenge (also hotjoins come pretty close to a functioning template). It is however like swiss, will take 4 years to develop and 2 people will appreciate it.

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