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Let's play full glass in unranked thieves.

Crab Fear.1624

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Nothing to Lose

It's not optimal, it is committed.

Just a way to feel the juicy crits and maybe have some fun if you find ways to outplay players.

As bad as I am, I have been successful among MY peers using this build.

Plus....juicy crits.

Don't try to change anything to "optimize", "speed up", or "otherwise".

Don't worry about the what ifs.

What if:

  • rev focus me
  • thief focus me
  • i mess up
  • ect

You got a little bit of tools to get out of town.

Test yourself and have fun.

This build is for unranked.

Don't recommend otherwise.

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That's the thing : Thieves have damage if they build for it.

I actually enjoyed myself recently just going unranked yolo Core Thief zerker with Scorpion Wire, pulling people into Pistol Whips.It's hella enjoyable, but also extremely risky.

The thing is if yu wanna win on the other hand......

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