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I want to play all story lines

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As the title says i want to play all available story lines

for that i need to know where which of those choices I make in character creation take place, and if possible those after that too, like the one of those 3 guilds after and the other race you choose to help

I know that's a lot of those do these or that choices that make it very hard to play ALL the available storylines but Imma go try

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https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Personal_storyImpressive I find the notes:

To play through all of the mission options, as the primary on each mission, requires 30 characters.

  • These thirty have to play through the chapter II missions.
  • Fifteen must play through chapter III.
  • Ten must play through chapter V.
  • Six must play through chapter VI.
  • Three must play through until the last mission prior to Against the Corruption, in chapter VIII.
  • Two must play through the two missions after that one.
  • And, one must play through the end of the storyline.
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First thing to say: What you want is possible, but it will take a lot of time and a lot of characters. So I recommend starting by thinking about how many of those characters you'll want to keep afterwards. A lot of those choices are fairly minor (e.g. sneak into an enemy fortress in disguise or create a distraction to break in) and aren't ever mentioned once that storyline is finished. Also a lot of the variation happens early on. To play every story instance you'll need 30 level 30 characters, but only 9 level 50's, 6 level 70's and just 3 level 80s. You could save a lot of gold/real money on character slots by only buying slots for the characters you want to keep playing and then using one slot to make and delete characters to play through the other storylines.

If you want to keep one character for each 'major' choice like their origins and which Order they join you'll need 15 characters. That covers all the biography questions that influence the story and will give you duplicates on other choices like which Order they join. You won't have every combination but as far as I remember that doesn't make a difference - a human noble with a dead sister and a commoner with a dead sister will get the same dialogue whenever one of those choices is relevant.

You might also want a way to keep track of which storylines you've done, especially if you're deleting some of the characters. I made a spreadsheet with them all laid out and coloured in each one when I did it. Each of my permanent characters gets their own colour to track their progress through the story, and choices I've only done on a temp character are filled in pale yellow.

The Wiki does a good job laying out the choices and the progress through the story. Where two instances are listed side by side that means you choose one or another, these are the 'minor' choices that don't come up later on. The seperate sections with icons above them are the 'major' choices which have longer lasting effects.

Your characters race is the first important choice. This determines which biography options are available, and affects some dialogue throughout the game. Their profession also affects some dialogue. For example some NPCs will explain machinery in more detail to asura or engineers because they'll understand it, and characters can often ask for more details on another race's culture.

In brief the other important choices at character creation are:Asura: The college you attended and your first invention.Charr: Your legion and who your sire was.Human: Your social standing and biggest reget.Norn: Your most important quality and what you did at a recent moot.Sylvari: The vision in your Dream and the most important of Ventari's teachings.

You'll also get a 3rd choice related to your race, like which Spirit or God you follow, but these only make minor differences like which priest is in their home instance, they don't influence the story at all. An easy way to tell is that the important questions all have 3 possible answers and the minor question has 4 or more. You also choose a piece of equipment, which has no other effect (although it's the only way to get these skins, so it's a good idea to pick different ones) and their personality which has no effect at all any more (that system was removed).

Important choices during the story are:

  • Which Order you join (all races get the same choices)
  • Which minor race you choose to help
  • Your greatest fear (note, this is chosen during the level 60 story, but doesn't have an impact until the end of the level 70 story)

Note: Which races you can side with depends on your characters race, but within each storyline the dialogue and choices are the same (e.g. a human helping the hylek gets the same dialogue and chocies as a sylvari, but a charr can't help the hylek at all). You can see the combinations here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Racial_sympathy

After the personal story all the other storylines are largely the same for everyone with only minor differences in dialogue. There's no branching in the Living World or expansion storylines, although you sometimes get different achievements based on the choices you make within instances.

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I did this, and I was immensely impressed with the stories, so I highly recommend it. There is so much interweaving between the storylines that it just amazed me. Plus, the storylines are woven into the fabric of the map events as well. (For example, in the human stories, you fight some bandits. If you go to those locations in the open world, there are still bandits there, and they usually have event chains going on with them.)

Dayra gave you a good summary of what you'll need. Danikat added to it, so I'll summarize my thoughts:

I decided when I started that I wanted to keep all the characters that would go through the various storylines. So, that meant buying 30 character slots (some of which I already had in use). This is a sizable investment, as Danikat pointed out. I still play 27 of those characters at least bi-weekly.

An alternative would be to use one empty slot repeatedly to drill the 30 characters through the first two tiers of stories. The reason I wanted to keep them all was so I could refer back to the stories in the Hero display if I wanted to. That might not be of interest to you.

By the way, one last thing: the dungeons also have tie-ins to the storylines. If the world was ideal, you might take your characters through the dungeons AS you progress through the levels. You get emails about these as you progress through the storyline missions. But, dungeons aren't as popular as they once were, so this might not be practical.

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