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[UK/EU/US] THE SEARING LEGACY are beginning their Journey...Forge the flames with us! [PvE/PvP/WvW]


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Good morning or afternoon friend.

My name is Patrick, I am the leader of THE SEARING LEGACY on the Desolation server. We are a brand new guild formed in April 2020 and are looking for adventurers to join us in forging our legacy. Speaking of legacy, THE SEARING LEGACY exists as the Guild Wars 2 clan of LEGACY GAMING, my gaming community that I also run from our Discord server. We are 100+ members strong but are always looking to expand.

In Guild Wars 2, our aim is to become a guild of legend. We don't say that we any hyperbole; through exploring, Rading, PvE & PvP, we want to become a guild that is memorable in name alone. Whilst we are indeed a new guild, our original members are highly experienced with years of adventures in Tyria, reaching all the way back to Guild Wars: Prophecies.


Great question sir or madam! Fans of GW1 will recognise the word 'searing' in relation to The Searing that devastated Ascalon and essentially paved the way for the events of the Guild Wars world to follow. We wanted a name that had origins right from the start of the series and so THE SEARING LEGACY marks us as observers of that horrific moment. We neither fight or study in the name of The Searing, but follow it's legacy in history and beyond, wherever that takes us.

Here is a breakdown of our core tenants and what we desire from prospective members of THE SEARING LEGACY:

  • Ventures in both PvE & PvP/WvW. This includes Raiding, exploring, crafting and all endgame focuses.

  • EVERYONE is welcome. Young or old, new or experienced, you are welcome in THE SEARING LEGACY.

  • If you work hard and become a core part of what we do, you will be rewarded, simple as that. Ranks and giveaways are on the table.

  • We organise our activities and events via Discord. Not using will leave you out of the loop, so please consider it if you are not already.

THE SEARING LEGACY's journey has only just begun. I hope you will consider joining us and forge our legacy in Guild Wars 2 :heart:

Link to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/znvSKap

Get in touch on Gunfire.9475

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