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[NA|HoD|PST|PvX] Experienced Open World lone wolf looking for a pack to run with


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Until recently I've been happy roaming Tyria by myself, but more and more content I would love to engage with (Fractals, Dungeons, Raids, PvP, WvW) would be so much more fun with a dedicated group of mature people who know what they're doing while fostering a spirit of community. In other words: a Guild.

I've roamed these forums regularly but haven't found that perfect combination of words that makes me want to reach out to a guild yet, so I hope that with this post I'll attract just that :)

Here's me in a few phrases:Driven to learn, happy to help when I can, ambivert (sometimes upbeat, bubbly extrovert, other times withdrawn introvert), tolerant until faced with intolerance. Seven lvl 80 characters in exotics and/or ascended gear, all with a rough personal backstory for my personal immersion and fashion guide (guilty! >.>) I have a Skyscale, but no Griffon. I still haven't played LW Season 2 because I heard the story is as bad or worse than the core campaign and the rewards aren't worth it, but completed the Silverwastes PVP reward track for the light armor Carapace top (guilty! >.>). Gave up on trying to get a group together to get the Warmonger bounty in The Desolation (the last thing I need for the Deadeye ascended rifle) but had no issues 2-manning every dungeon in the core game in story mode in one night "because I wanted the achievement". I wouldn't call myself a casual player (I don't play to lose,) but RL comes first. Will refer 90% of questions that take more than one line to answer to the wiki, but love helping newbies. No desire for authority - would rather contribute by action than direction.Warning: prone to point out innuendos when inappropriate and liberally hand out [banana of Penetration].

I would love to join a medium-sized, preferably 21+ guild where I can learn, teach, explore and play all aspects of the game while surrounded by a diverse group of socially aware people who love to laugh as much as they love the game.

Please, if you know of a Guild, or if you represent a Guild that fits the above, please reach out.

PS: happy to use Discord, but fairly new to it. Will listen in when needed or convenient, but not much of a talker.

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