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[Feature] That it may be clearer when it is useful to retain certain objects

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There is one thing that would be a more necessary addition to the game for both experienced and new players.

This would be that all items that are storable in inventory and whose usefulness is often temporary or unique but that are not destroyed once this is done, have a graphical or textual element that distinguishes them from the rest so that you know for sure if they are to be deleted or not.

This could be an outline, a text in the description (but something clear not vague) or a dot that appears over a corner of its image to make it clear that the object is useless to keep. Many objects are fairly unproblematic, either because they are clearly part of a recipe, or they are part of a collection, and the elements of the game are clear as to whether or not they can be kept.But there are some or no player is 100% sure to do something stupid and therefore forces himself to keep them.

I will give some examples of items that we can say they are more useful but where nothing is explicit especially when one of them is bought at a high price and the question is really raised as to whether to keep them or not:Reforged Shadowstone [&AgERNwEA]Class II Rift Stabilizer [&AgEKNwEA]Phasic Distortion Reader [&AgEJUwEA]

Even if you can't compare all games in all fields, most of the ones I know are clear and know when it's the case. Add over an icon inviting to destroy or at least a pad that shows that unless you want to, you can delete the object.

You can certainly call the Wiki to try to find out on a case-by-case basis what the situation is, but first of all it involves an external site, as if the game itself was handicapped in knowing how to do it and secondly even with the Wiki sometimes it is even less clear or does not provide any sure answer.

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