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Severe Lag Spikes & Disconnect - Error Code 7:11:3:202:101 - [Merged]

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So I have been playing Guild Wars for a few months now and I have had zero issuesd with connectivity until the last few weeks. I thought it might have been my internet so I have updated my in house ro

During OCX time last night WvW was shocking with the lag spikes. So bad I gave up and went to bed early. Got up this morning to farm home nodes before reset and cant even log in its that bad

Yeah some sort of announcement somewhere that there is an issue and they are working on it would be nice. I'll take some mystic clovers if they are taking requests lol

1 hour ago, Lag Spikes.9253 said:

I have also this issue. I can play for a short while, but then the game disconnects. Been happening since a few weeks after expac launch. This is frustrating, and i want my money back. 

YES ive been having this issue for 6 DAYS now and I sent the ticket with ALL diagnosis to Anet support, called my ISP and they came to my house and checked signal and the hardware everything was fine, I even followed every step of your forums tec conection errors protocols,  EVERYTHING in my end is fine, and then ofc there had to come the 10 year old Super Adventure Pve bullcrap event, and STILL it lead to problems (congratz Anet, poggers programmers there).

To come home to my very favorite game and have crashes every 10 to 15 minutes for 6 days straight and get no reply from your support,  is really not fun. I play spvp (so i keep crashing during the match and we lose a member for 1 minute or so) and WvW (where i happen to tag a lot in my server wich btw keeps some PLAYERS ACTIVE on your game ANET) and don' even try to ask what would happen in pve content, every group oriented dungeon, fractals, raids, strikes etc would kick me in an instant. 

I BEG of you please FIX this, its INFURIATING, i have to walk all the way back in wvw wherever I was when disconected, must be so easy for you guys to solve this if you only read these forums. Sheeesh


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Had been getting real bad connection as soon as i am in a decent size group like 20 or 30+ ppl for a meta. 

It just get worse and worse till I get dc. Hadn't finished a single EoD meta properly outside of the echovald wilds one where it was still a mess but playable at 1k ping. 

New Kaineing one i finished because i got some hits in before the connection become unresponsive at 4k+ ping and my corpse just stood there and got the credit in the end.

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Oh I tho this is about me only... so usually this happened when i do a big map and doing a fight (if there's an idle, usually that's fine) the spike happened whenever we want to fight the meta boss or event.

it can spiked to 4k ping which is unplayable and it looks like my character has a passive timer freeze and the map dot move like stuttering.

I am using a VPN like exitlag but apparently it might be that VPN which might cause my account is locked

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To be honest this is tilting me off, COMPLETELY.

Don't ever ever blame my mobile data hotspot either, this never happened before. I get static 300 ping from a hotspot even in 2 ways zerg fights in WvW, but this is getting out of hand. I rage quit the game because of the disconnect just now.
E: My house router have worse and unstable connection than my mobile data, never used the router in my house to play games lol.

I end up quitting GW2 for a year because of the permanent lag spikes, looks like it's calling for me to come back to the game next year.


I did surfed for some information and concerns here and there about the VPN- you can get banned for other people's action on the certain IP apparently, so using VPN is not an option for me.

ENLIGHTEN ME, people. As an asian living in Asia and wanting to play game that only have EU and NA available and I spent money for ArenaNet and this is the kind of treatment customers outside of EU/NA are getting?

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I'm getting 1-3k lag spikes in NA. I'm on the west coast and the game is not playable at all in WvW. My internet is stable and I just got done playing other online games with no lag or ping spikes of any kind. This is definitely an Arenanet server issue.

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EU, big amount of disconnects with that error, over and over, up to 10 times an hour. It keeps getting annoying to play and shameful to people  play with. Because log out for 3! times during single dungeon run - it's nothing but nonsence.
Everything else on my pc runs completely fine. Any other app or game that uses internet connection runs smoothly as it should. But not including Guild Wars 2. Check your issues.
Update: Logged on my character 08.05 in the morning. Was Instantly logged out with same error! What is going on??

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Adding myself to the mix here. This last week has been frustratingly horrible. As previously noted by others, it's a real PITA when it comes to metas since depending on the meta, you do the work to get the group aligned, ready to go, and then...kicked out of the game. Log back in, and you're on a different map and you can't get back to your group because the map is full. Tried the -clientport 80 trick, re-adding the game in the firewall, Repair, ensuring no one in the house was on the net/downloading, nothing happening in the background, etc. I haven't gone as far as reinstalling the game, or Windows, because based on the feedback so far, this has to be something recent with Arenanet. Hopefully it gets resolved soon because if not, it's time to shelve the game for a bit. 



Something interesting...with ArcDPS running, and the Metrics option up - R:XX is typically bouncing around 25-27. Sometimes it gets a little wonky and goes from 18-27. When it hits 18, the text turns orange. However, the XX number will randomly gray out and stay static @ 25, and when it does that, I know I'm going to get kicked out shortly. I just saw this standing in EotN. Just logged in..R:XX was doing it's thing and then suddenly, grayed out and static @ 25. Nothing is selectable, no one is moving, etc. Network connection error. 

Did this several times. Same behaviors each time. Number is bouncing around, and then grays out, and the world stops functioning.  The IP of EotN was Running a Tracert on this IP, it times out after 8 hops. Not sure if that helps anything. 


**One more edit on the following day**

For whatever reason, I haven't had any issues today. Different characters, different maps, WvW, bosses, events, etc., across several hours No disconnects. Hopefully folks had similar luck!

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