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Alternative to the GW2 Mac Client

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Hey everyone! I discovered 'GeForce Now' today from one of my roomates- I'm not sure if this has been talked about yet, however, the upgrade in quality of life is absolutely drastic. From my understanding (and I'm sure many you know much more about this), they (Nvidea) run your games through one of their computers, and stream the audio/video to your device. I signed up and ran a free one hour session, and I'm currently sitting comfortably at around ~50fps and ~20ping on 'best appearance.'

I've played this game solely through the Mac client since it was released, and I normally average around ~15-20fps, at best, on best performance. On top of this, I've experienced invisible gathering nodes, texture flickering, etc. etc. It costs $5 a month to use if you want to play for more than an hour at a time, however, when compared to the price of building a PC capable of the same performance, I think this one pays for itself. I'm not sure where this topic should be posted, but I figured if anyone was in the same position as me, I'd try my best to get the word out! Cheers!

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