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Returning player from before HoT

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So i've been thinking about coming back to GW2 and purchasing the HoT + PoF bundle. I mostly only play for dungeons/raiding so wondering what the top dps class is at the moment (or top few) that have an easy time getting into endgame raids and dungeon? Also, is there a leveling guide somewhere for said class? Thanks in advance.

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The top class is:

  • find a guild that raids and does raid trainings

HoT is now free with any PoF unlock to the account, no reason to purchase bundles. Simply get PoF and HoT will unlock with it.

As far as leveling, sure there might be guides, but given the already very short leveling curve, hardly needed. Also the purchase of PoF provides a 1-time level 80 boost, though I would recommend to level a character when returning, just to get back into the game.

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Top DPS class: Guardian.Easy time getting into endgame raids: Guardian.Best PvP: Guardian.Best WvW: Guardian.Best Guardian: Guardian.

For leveling, you get a free level 80 boost with the expansion purchase.

If you want to level up naturally, without the boost then you don't really need guides, just whack on experience boosters (Ideally one with +100% Kill Streak bonus) and go slap things (Ideally: Yellow Name enemies or if you're feeling spicy any red name enemies that are 5-9 levels above you (Note: Enemies that are 7-9 levels higher than you will take significantly reduced damage from attacks and thus using conditions is the key to killing them) also, make sure to keep moving around a zone as respawned enemies give almost no experience, as do enemies in areas where you've killed a ton)

Though that kind of defeats the purpose of the "Leveling manually" in an effort to learn the game and your class and is basically a strategy to emulate a level 80 boost (Using a mere 3 hours to powerlevel 1-80 is not that much different!)

It would probably best to take the slower path of going through zones doing Hearts and Events, at least until you're comfortable enough to boost up to 80.

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