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[NA][PVE][PST] Returning player looking for raid guild


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I left Gw2 back in the tail end of Heart of thorns but have come back now as my job has gotten more stable. Im hoping to find a guild a good small to medium sized guild (not a gigantic 200+ active guild) that does Pve content as its primary focus. I am currently working on learning raids through either videos or the raid training discord.

As for my current play i have 3 geared characters, thief, elementalist and a rev. For now they are all dps focused as that is my prefered play style but im willing to shift things around for a group.

Hoping to find a group that plays later on in the PST timezone, something like 7pm+ PST as i can't get on before that due to kids.

If you have more questions or feel i could fit your guild, please DM me either here, or in game "Saverin.4165"

Thank you

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