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(PvP - 3V3) Guardian Sword 2 Skill (Symbol of Blades) - A Question


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Hello Guys,

I've been doing some 3v3 recently and today something odd happened, I will appreciate if someone can clear it up for me. I've used this sword 2 skill so many times that I developed a feeling of how its teleport works, I had no problem using it with bare or no LoS and usually behind large obstacles and it always teleported me to my target or closer to it.

Today in a 3v3 match there was a rifle deadeye with that meme stealth build. No matter how many times I tried to use this skill got error 'no valid path to target' even when he is on mere sight and not above any platforms. In same match, I was able to teleport to other enemy players with no problems except this thief. It felt like there is something on that thief blocking anyone from teleporting to him.

So I would like to have a clarification on what's going on with this thief and the skill.

Thank you.

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