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Frustration in Borja Marches

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This past weekend, I tried to complete the 3 mastery points I have left in Borja Marches. Raven's Favor (beat the storm and Ice Construct 15 times - I needed 4 more), Praise Koda (do each of the primer trials), and Drakkar. During the 8 hours I played during the afternoon on Sat and Sun, I participated in 4 storm events, we failed 3 time. I participated in Drakkar 3 times, we failed all 3 times. In all 7 cases, it was because we did not have enough people to complete the event. The one time we did, it worked great. I am guessing everyone is in Drizzlewood Coast playing the new material - great loot there as well.

Kodan trials seem to be random, and the one I need - the rifts, popped once, and again, I was the only one doing the event. Almost succeed alone, but just not quite. The fish trial was popping every 30 min or so.

I was very frustrated. Calls for players, LFG, nothing seemed to work. I can't imagine the emptiness in the even older zones. Makes me not even interested in some of the achievements I never finished in the older areas.

How do we keep people interested in the "old" stuff, when the new and shiny is out. Is there a point when the old metas should be scaled to allow few people to complete them?

Curious what others think.

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The only incentive to bring people back (which I can imagine) is to massively increase the rewards.But that would possibly result in the newer map (which then would be less rewarding) to become rather empty.

I doubt Arenanet would do that.

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Storm was always terrible unless you were looking for a solution to insomnia.

Trials are pretty easy so I am not sure why it's included here.

Drakkar's baseline numbers requirements seems pretty high and lockout mechanics for the champions also sets a minimum. It does have the Broken Voice weapon set which is a palette swap of the illuminated boreal set but yellow doesn't strike me as being a particularly popular color for MMORPG stuff.

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