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Razer mouse program issue

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Anyone else having trouble using a Razer Lancehead? I have programmed mine to use the F keys, but they do not work in game.When I have tested the mouse with letter keys, they print out fine on a document. But that is not what I bought the darn thing for.Ideas or suggestions?

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The HW doesn't matter, what software are you using for key binds? I am assuming Synapse? I have not used it much as I use Logitech now, however, in Synapse, how are the buttons bound? Are the set as actions? Macros? Key press? Have you gone into GW settings for the action you want to bind it to and make sure its set? If it is already set, when you go to edit the button bind (in GW) and you press the button on the mouse that should be assigned to that key, does it input the correct F function (F1, F2, F3 etc)? Are the F functions standard Fkeys, or the extra F keys Razer and Logitech add to some of their gaming keyboards? As those can be different functions and some games will not recognize them unless you bind them in the Razor or Logitech software to a standard US keyboard layout key.

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