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[EU] New Player LF cozy, friendly PvE guild that likes to help with Dungeons/Events/FotM

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Returning original game player with a buddy looking for a cozy, friendly atmosphere PvE guild that likes to have fun in Dungeons/World Events maybe some FotM if people still run that. Never touched the expansion packs so still plenty to learn and relearn.Aurora Glade + Ruins of Surmia server (don't even know if server makes a difference these days)Don't mind typing in chat like in old school MMOsNot adverse to Discord voice com, but also not really interested in those "must have mic" type of guilds. Sometimes quiet, cozy, and respectful typing is preferrable.Please message orangejoose.4981 or ingame name OrangejooslynThank you!

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We the Mysterious Inferno (EU) are looking to grow our family!Beginner friendly guild! We are a bunch of 45 people(both casual and hardcore), and we would love to have people who can add to our family.We support every class and gaming style.What you can expect

  1. PvE (map, events, bosses and story completion)
  2. Regular training for fractals and strike missions.
  3. A very friendly, organized group and Discord server.
  4. Weekend Guild missions.What we expect from you
  5. BE ACTIVE in guild activities.
  6. Communicative on DISCORD


    WE SEEK AND ENCOURAGE PERMANENT PLAYERS. here is the discord link: https://discord.gg/hAQaUen

about the mic thingy... you dont need it.. but would appreciate if you had a headphone and sit in the voice chat even if you dont speak cause that helps in explaining mechanics for fights. Everything is difficult to type during fights. Thats all.

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