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I'm in dire need of friends.

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World : DragonbrandNorn : Guardian

I've had this game and the expansions for nearly 2 years now. I recently began playing again and just finished the personal story today. I haven't really dived deep into the expansions yet, but excited to do so. I'm enjoying this game A LOT this time around. I'm investing so much time into it and love every second of it. The problem is, I don't have any friends. Not one. I think the game would be so much more enjoyable if I had people to play with. I realized this when I was getting frustrated with a boss I needed to kill for a bounty. It was labeled as a "group event" and I kept dying over and over. I tried reaching out to other players for help, but found none. I also guess at everything lol and would feel better if someone more experienced would help guide me and let me know if I'm being a noob. I'm a father of two young kids, so pretty mature and not toxic, but I also know how to have fun. If anyone would like to help a noob out and enjoy the game together - please feel free to add me. Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you in game!

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Hey, feel free to add me :)"Quenestil.7590" (or "Asura Antalus", I forgot if you need the account name or the character name lol)I've also recently completed my personal story and am about to explore the expansions, I'm still learning as well, but I can keep you company if you want :)I mostly play on the weekends, as it's the time I'm most available

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