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we going keep saying full sustain broken guilds are skillet?


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Let me try and translate:

Are we going to continue calling guilds skilled, that use broken sustain metas and use builds that are heavily supported by the auto-mechanics of the game?(...) While massive guild blobs are using auto-target-change and auto-spikes, is there any way you can turn the gameplay into more of a skillless auto-fiesta?When / or is Anet ever going to step in, to remove some of the brainless auto-mechanics in the competetive gamemodes that, with the support of the right metas, turn each and every of your fights into a skill- / and mindless "press 1" fiesta?Or, will Anet adress the current meta in a way that transforms it into a more-difficult-to-play meta?So that most of the auto-mechanics of the game are still in the game, but don't destroy skilled gameplay as much as they do currently.

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