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What is the SIMPLEST (but effective/wanted) Firebrand Build for Fractals/PvE?


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Hello! I'm pretty new to GW2 and been loving firebrand (aesthetically AND through playing mostly a power build for open world n story content) - but am interested in getting into fractals/casual group PvE.

I like the idea of power, condi or heal/support FB and have been looking at metabattle builds for all types - my only question is which in your opinion is simplest or most straightforward to play? Especially for a newbie who can only casually drop in a few times a week.

Thanks! :>

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https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Quickness_GreatswordThis is firebrand with power gear. If you can get trailblazer "easily" and wnat to solo things that you are not supposed to solo use the condi firebrand:https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Solo_Firebrand

This is fractals "meta" as in top tier best you could use for even spead clears. its using power. https://discretize.eu/builds/guardian/hybrid-firebrandhttps://discretize.eu/builds/guardian/hybrid-firebrandFor raids i believe that somebody said a cpl of days ago (i am only playing gw2 again for 2weeks after a break) that a mixture of traiblazer and vipers (ascended ofc) is a really good raid build too and generally viable even for fractals. For raids its viper and the second dps stat option for condi that i forgot the name of.

So, do what you do because you like to do it. Both works, harrier exotics get u through open world no problem if you really want to play condi but getting that cheap power build fully ascended first opens you the door to fractals earlier.

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