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Sunhall [GG] (NA/EU RP)

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The Sunhall is a growing role play community looking for more active, engaging members.

Individual responsible for the guild: Myself(Inworld handle: MagicPaperPlanes.3140 || Discord handle: Sunchild#1630) -- I am most likely to respond in world or Discord although you may very well message me here with any questions; please permit me a bit of time if I do not respond right away.

Recruitment: Absolutely open (we are currently looking for both EU and NA members)

Requirements to Join (Guidelines): Join our Discord here at https://discord.gg/dSp7WQf and read and sign our rules in the designated #rules and #signatures channels. Both your full Discord and GWII handle are required.--Thereafter, I will send an invite in world. This is my only requirement.

Players have one week to sign the rules, if they do not, they will be booted (there is a grace period for those that are having a difficult week, have lost internet, etc), there is a 30 day boot period where players will be booted after 30 days of inactivity, and a leave of absence system for those that wish to stay with us, in case of extended time away.

Guild Information:::50+ members::Windswept Haven (Level 20+)::10-15 active people a day (on average) around NA times::Weekly schedule::Weekly officer meetings and biweekly guild meetings::Moderated, friendly, inclusive community

Sunhall is a guild that focuses on creative free form role play with a light dice system with a guild arc in progress and a new set of companies!

We have:Executants of Daybreak (Diplomacy, musical or dance arts, moderation over the other companies)Azarra's Sanctuary (Medics, surgeons, herbologists)

Noon's Compass (Biology/marine biology, geology, engineering)Twilight's Cusp (Espionage; a morally-grey company in service to the Sunhall)

Sun Riders (Mounted militia--terrestrial and aerial--and on-foot militia)Dawn's Reach (Market management, resource replen, hunting, trading, organizing caravans, staffing the tavern, reconstruction/construction of infrastructure, mining, crafting, etc)

We welcome those new to role play and offer combat lessons (free form or dice) and character building for those that are not sure how to go about it--we do our best to intro every character--and also welcome those that are experienced and looking for a stable place to role play.

Sunhall will be good for you if: You are a new role player looking to learn, you are an experienced player looking to set up shop or community (and be willing to help us grow through story building, recruitment, and whatever else), if you are active and like chatting with guild mates, and if you are looking for a place to really brush up on your creative writing and story building.

Although Sunhall takes most folks of any races, even if not Tyria related, we do employ a hard and fast rule of no Super Saiyans, gods, commanders, or anything by the book in Guild Wars II lore (like filling roles of NPCs or using GWII lore as your own). This is a place for custom role play and characters. And we reason with natural consequences and weaknesses equal to strengths. We like checks and balances.

Sunhall aims to be a healthy place to play and chat and a reputable hub for all players while permitting them to enjoy the stories they wish to tell.

Notes for new players: A part of what makes this community positive and upbeat is mental health positivity and my open door policy. Incidents between players must be reported to myself or my Wardens in world or on Discord when they arise and will be handled in a professional, mediated manner--impartial to one side or another (if a Warden is handling something that seems partial, simply come to me about it). We like to hear about them no matter how small because often times, small incidents can lead to a much bigger problem, and our goal at the end of the day is to make Sunhall, and Guild Wars II, a healthy and fun place to play.

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