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Product Idea - Book Covers

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I just had a random idea that I think would be hilarious as a product to sell.

I've gotten in the past decorative book covers - sometimes made out of leather, sometimes other materials. Often sold with a blank hardcover journal inside it, but where you can slip that out and put other books of similar size in, and usually they accommodate a lot of averaged size books. Basically fancy dust jackets in a way, or book protectors in another.

If we could get cover art to go with them, they could make the covers of each of the Snargle Goldclaw books to sell. Have the names on the spines like other books usually do, cover art, a summary of the book on the back, etc. I think it would be hilarious to have the "entire collected works" of Snargle on my bookshelf in this way, or be able to carry them around, etc (obviously getting someone to write the books in full is unlikely, but the covers and such should be doable!).

Just as a product idea that I think would be a lot of fun.

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