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loadouts when going from heart of the mists to tyria.

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for god's sake would it be possible to stop make people unequip weapons they normally can't wield ( because they don't have the elite spec or don't have the level to wield a secondary weapon ) when they're going back to tyria ?disable those weapons, but don't make our character automatically unequip those, because just in case it's not obvious enough it can be a problem when you're queuing for PvP matches but you're still in tyria.anyways it's not like a dev will ever read this but yeah, just venting, I've seldom seen that level of stupidity.

edit : while i'm at it, why is it you can hide the "accept match thing" once you've accepted it, but you can't hide the map selection window when you've picked a map ? seriously.

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I have not have had weapons un-equip since build templates. It's even possible to equip weapons not use able right now when outside of the correct elite specialization. Unless there is some specific interaction in place here I am unaware of, weapons usually just have the skills greyed out on the bar when not available, while the item remains equiped with the text in red which mentions which elite specialization is required.

PvP and WvW do switch to the last used template though, so that might be messing with your weapons?

As far as this being related to being able to use a second weapon set, that's like what, level 7? Just put in the 15 minutes or use 6 tomes or something.

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I play engineer which has 2 weapon sets but only can swap out of combat. So I use only 1 equipmen template. Switching to PvP it automatically uses my other build template (core engineer) while leaving my main weapon as it is (hammer from scrapper). Just "greyed out" and I can't used it. If I forget to manually swap before the match starts I'm in trouble. :D

No unequip though.

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