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Do you want to see a mini elonion scaled drake?

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Admittedly my answer to "Do you want a mini..." will always be yes...unless the next word is spider (and even then I have the spiders, I just don't use them). But this is an especially cool creature which I think would make a great mini pet and I'd love to see it happen.

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This Poll reminds me of the painful episode in Everquest where at some point(new Xpack) the Troll Beastlords Pet was changed from a true Crocodile to some 6-legged fantasy type reptile. Us Trolls made up a storm to get our beloved crocodile back but it never happened. I mean, the swamp next to our birth town still has the regular crocodile model, so where do Trolls get these fantasy amphibians from in the first place!? :(

So yes, for anything that looks like a real crocodile!

NB Must resist urge to fire up EQ again.

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