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Will they eventually put in a new playable race ?

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The short answer is: It's highly unlikely.

A new playable race would involve a TON of work:

  • Recreating ALL existing Armour and Outfits for that race (Both genders, if applicable) - In addition to new Cultural Armour.
  • Creating animations for every skill for that race (Both genders, if applicable)
  • Creating Personal Story for levels 1-30, including all options available to other races in terms of quest selection.
  • Doing Voice Acting for various voice lines, including Story/LW from HoT onwards.
  • Likely, (But not strictly necessary) expanding lore to justify their existence during pre-newest expansion content (I.e. Things like, having a "Friend" in Destiny's Edge to advance the PS plot line. Having racial representation in the Pact during the Orr arc. Having a Racial Leader to go to the meeting of the Leaders in LW2. Or even just the basic "Why are they only now being seen about the place?" things)

All this and, how profitable would it even be for ANet to do all this work? Well, given that paid race changes don't exist, maybe they'd sell a few extra Character slots but otherwise probably not very.

IF they did create a new playable race, they certainly have options to choose from (If for some reason all the above issues were solved):

  • Ogres
  • Dwarves (Yes, I know that during the PS they keep going on about Ogden Stonehealer being the Last Dwarf... But that's complete BS given that Ember Bay apparently had several Dwarves there before Primordus glomped them during LW3 leaving just "Rock Face")
  • Hylek
  • Kodan (Though, very similar to Norn. Possibly with Norn actually decending from Kodan)
  • Largos (Does have issues with cosmetics though, given the constant facemask and wing-like appendages)
  • Tengu
  • Forgotten (They are believed to be extinct, but Asura were believed to be myths before they popped up above ground)
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To add to the helpful answers why a new race would be kind of a misuse of resources: Race, unlike in other MMOs, doesn't matter when it comes to gameplay. In Gw2 race is an aesthetic choice and nothing more. The race you chose for your character stops mattering 5ish missions into the main quest, racial skills are deliberately weaker than any other skills and all races can be all classes and have the same stats.

(Also the forum's search function is your friend) :)

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