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Back on the story, PC died on christmas eve...


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I was playing the first part of the season, when my computer died on christmas eve. I just got my new PC recently (it was stuck in Manila for 2 months for the covid domestic travel ban). A absolutely loved the intro to the season. That was the most fun area in the game since pre-searing in GW. But... the actual story is not working at all, for me. The critters are lame. I just finished chapter 1 and am so bored with it. It looks like I have to get to chapter 3 to open the new land.

So, my question is - Is there anything in the new land worth slogging through the story? I looked at the wiki but the picture showed the land mass and no markings, no towns, no waypoints, nothing. Is there a better map to find? Is there anything there worth going there for?

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Bjora is meant to be a desolate landscape. The only thing of note is the Drakkar world boss fight which released in episode 2 and you do not need to to complete any story chapter to access the rest of the map.I also can't say it is their most interesting or well thought out map. Given that they have released some really good Shiverpeak maps in the core areas, I have been rather disappointed with the 3 (Bitterfrost, Thunderhead, Bjora) released since.

The first half of the map is def better than the second half imo. If you aren't enjoying it, there's nothing significant that will change your mind in the rest.

The story is pretty quick and largely forgettable though so you could whip through it in a couple of hours.

Or you could just move onto either Forged with Steel or Episode 3 and its new map. Nothing forces you to do it in an order once released

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