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Trading Post not working

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I've not been able to use the Trading Post for over a month now. Every time I sell an item, the item disappears from my inventory, but I receive nothing from the transaction. It also doesn't show the transaction in the transaction log. I've submitted a ticket but not had any response.

This is ridiculous! I get that there have been some major issues, but you can't leave your customers in the dark for this amount of time. There are multiple posts of people waiting weeks for even a response let alone a fix to their issue.

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Sorry, only just saw your reply.Tried deleting all my mail, still nothing. I tested a few others things and I can't even list items. It doesn't give an error and the item disappears from my inventory, but if I go to the transactions, it doesn't even show items that I didn't instantly sell so I can't get those back either.Typically, still nothing from the support ticket.

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