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Looking For Dark Haven WvW Guild


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I am looking for a WvW Guild that is on the Dark Haven Server. Looking for some people to either party up with for some WvW or to join in full on organised WvW shennanigans.

If you are recruiting and would like to recruit me, send me a PM in game.

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Hey, if you're interested in a WvW guild, I'm part of a guild called Might and Smarts [MAS] on Anvil Rock (which is linked to Dark Haven currently). We're a solid and experienced WvW-focused guild looking for friendly, 18+ competitive players who enjoy working as part of a coordinated fight team in a non-toxic, no drama guild. Our community of player friends has been in existence for 7 years. We offer training, support and opportunities for some serious fun. If you're interested, please check us out at https://mas4eva.enjin.com/ or reach out to Ashara#8159 or PRE#9350 on Discord.

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