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Disappointing leg skin?

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Disappointing leg skin?Don't like the head skin, it's okay to hide!Don't like the Hand skin, it's okay to hide!Don't like the legs skin, i can't do anything...


Strange leg skin design for this game,There is always an ugly cloth in the middle and a very large number.I have played many games, only this game is so ugly, I want to wear something else, sorry~ doesn't suit your occupation.Only I think so???

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The extra part on leg skins are usually an extension of the upper torso piece. A lot of tops extend below the hips, but with the rigging they had to cut it and so it looks like a skirt rather than part of the top. Also, faulds are commonly used to protect the pelvic area. It is beyond difficult to fashion heavy armor for the pelvis while maintaining full range of motion. When I served in the USMC, interceptor jackets came with pelvic sapi inserts that were just god awful. I preferred my RBIV.


"And the first root sketch the world had seenbrought joy to his heart."Til the Devil whispered from the leaves,'It's pretty, but is it art?'"

The Conundrum of the Workshops, Rudyard Kipling

I think of that every time I hear someone complaining that not every aesthetic in the game matches their own preferences exactly.

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@"crepuscular.9047" said:Nudity?https://www.esrb.org/ratings/32125/Guild+Wars+2/

It already occurs with some outfits, or close enough (like T3 Human Cultural Light, and many Light armors in general). Same argument as people who always say "if they allow it, everyone will do it", which has proven false in nearly every game that allows it.

Why are Medium and Heavy classes made to look so much worse than Lights just to "hide it all"?

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