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Tyrian Service Medal: Temple of Lyssa

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I'm trying to do the Tyrian Service Medal Achievment. Did every item except the Lyssa Temple. Now, I've been some 20 times these past couple of weeks to Malchors Leap, and I've never once saw any event on the Temple, be it defense or reclaim. Did all the others fine.Any advice?Is the Temple bugged, and the events just stopped spawning?Or is there a timer, and all the times I've been to Malchor's Leap recently I was just unlucky?

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There is a timer, and like a number of other players (such as me), you've had bad luck with this. The successful, boring, way is to remain on the map waiting on the timer. As the timer start is contingent upon when the event was last done, you can be waiting for a long time (at least 20 minutes). If you change maps, again you do not know when the last event was done, and you may have just missed it (so the wait time would be longer). Sometimes people put up an lfg for the event. Having collections based on these events is frustrating (looking at you, Astralaria, as well as this medal), however Anet appear uninterested in changing this.

If you have no interest in farming mats, or doing events while you wait, I suggest a book or some other activity you can do at the computer, while moving your character every 5 minutes or so in order not to be kicked back to the login screen. Personally, I knit or crochet.

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Today I spent over 2 hours lurking in the area for "Protect the Pact golems until they charge the neutralizer device," the first event in the meta, and it never even started. I used matrices to charge up the golems now and then while I waited, just out of boredom. Does that prevent the event from happening? Or does some other event somewhere else have to happen before this one starts? Or was I just on a bad map? Eventually I started wandering off to get other map POIs and hero challenges, but I doubt I left the place for more than 3 minutes at a time, and never changed maps.

EDIT: NM, defense and assault do not start at the same place, and from the edge where the golem event takes place, you don't see what events are happening at the temple center. Gave up and walked toward center of the temple, only to see that the defense had started up. Finished my medal doing that.

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