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[Concept Art] Tengu Inspired Fractal Design


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The idea of a Tengu/Canthan themed fractal have always been in my mind ever since the launch of GW2. I also dream of working at Anet one day. So as a hardcore gw2 gamer and an inspired artist, I present the first part of my fractal level: Temple of the Celestials! Brief: When the Mordrem vines tore through the grounds near a Priory campsite, the Priory scouts investigating the tunnels discovered a hidden cavern beneath the surface. Upon first excavation it is believed to be of Tengu origin. The Priory contacts the commander and the player's will accompany a group of Priory Explorers into the Temple to unveil its Secrets. Fractal Overview:0MU4AA1.jpg The fractal will be set during the Pact's encounter with Mordremoth. There are 5 parts: - Oasis Cavern- The Breach- Paths of Ascension- Wayspire/Soulspire- Inner Sanctuary

 In-game map:9ALQa7y.jpg I really enjoy working on this project so I went a little farther and drew out some of the mechanics of the fights too. I run fractals and CMs often so I payed a bit more attention when it came to mechanics. I wanted this fractal to be unique, in the way of new mechanics never seen before in any other instances, but also keeping consideration of limitations of code and extra assets. Some of these mechanics might be too much for a fractal, I try to keep that in mind, but In the end this is just a fan project, whether its implemented or not I'm having a blast imagining myself running through these mechanics. Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'm not focusing too much on the story and lore aspect of this as much as I like, so if you guys have any ideas I'd love to hear them! Updates for each part below.

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Part II The Breach, boss fight encounter with a Tengu guardian.

Loading Screen:yZYtaUe.jpg Level Design:iKeGqaq.jpg The party enters the gate through the cracked door. A Tengu guardian [Talon Skymantle] entangled in vines confronts the party. The party discovers that the guardian protects the entrance to the temple, however it is corrupted by Mordremoth. The party decides to free it from the Mordrem control. Boss fight starts: The Breach Boss:Qm6C0HV.jpg 100% Talon uses AOE cleave attack:9XcgFu7.jpg 80% Two Mordrem vines will appear at two sides of the stage. North - East - South - West. The vines will have a variety of AOE knock down attacks and can spread poison if not dealt with:pU0xuFh.jpg 66% Talon will begin spinning his staff and charge for a stage wide AOE attack. This attack can not be avoided. The party needs to either break his defiance bar or hide behind one of the Mordrem vines that popped up earlier. Talon's defiance bar is quite strong so an inexperienced group might not have the CC to break in time. If the party chooses to hide, then a few vines will need to be left alive for this phase. Each vine can only protect 3 players so a party of 5 would need to leave at least 2 vines alive. Be careful when hiding behind the vines as they can still attack and knock players out of the protection zone:b5DZOh2.jpg 40% 4 Mordrem vines will appear at 4 sides of the stage. NESW:GEANhqV.jpgCDdBlT2.jpg 33% Talon charges for another stage wide AOE. 0% Vines surrounding Talon will break. Talon collapses, the barrier protecting the gate will vanish and the vines surrounding it will rush in through the gates. (insert short unskippable cut scene? 100cm players triggered) Talon tells the party to continue into the temple to save it from the Mordrem. Sketches:6QiQSed.jpg Colorpass:qlecmeD.jpg Architecture:SFrUy5t.jpg

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Part III Paths of Ascension, trapped and lost, the player and party must escape through various challenges and put their honor, wisdom and courage to the test.

Paths of Ascension Loading Screen:n9xbvCt.jpg

Level Design:qkTlejX.jpg

After The Breach encounter, this is where I feel like the core environment design should come in. Imagine you're entering a temple, a place of sanctuary and peace. yet you are greeted with horror, destruction, rampaging vines and Mordrem poison. The short peace after the encounter with Talon Skymantle ends with immediate Mordrem threat. Design wise I went with the mixture of classic Canthan architecture and the mass invasion of Mordrem vines. Branching paths leads to different environments offering different game play mechanics. I added a slight elevation change for path of honor, giving the players a sense of going deeper into the tunnels. Path of Honor is where the players will discover the mechanic of the orb. Who will bear the burden and carry the orb for the team? Can the party successfully protect their teammate? Path of Courage is where the players will test their bravery and courage by traversing through a jumping puzzle. Who can make the leap of faith? Path of Wisdom is where the players will combine everything they have learned to defeat the boss. How well can the players coordinate the barriers? Will they need both orbs or just one? What will be the optimal strategy?

Level Mechanics:0YfrXEJ.jpg 1. Toxic Gas:As soon as the player party enters the gate, due to the intensity of the fight with Talon Skymantle, the gates collapse, floors crack and toxic gas flows out filling the room trapping the player patry inside. Unlike normal modrem poison, these toxic gas have been leeching off the ley magic within the temple. Players standing inside will become poisoned, slowed and take damage over time, the effect stacks intensely. 2. First Barricade: The players will need to move immediately, as the toxic gas moves towards the players. The hallways are fairly straightforward, with a few POIs branching off. Enemies will spawn to attack the players, they can apply the same type of debuff which will slow down the players. Cleanse and resistance is strongly recommended here. Upon reaching the first vine barricade, the players will notice a pedestal with an empty slot. The party must continue down the Path of Honor to retrieve the first orb and bring it back. 3. Path of Honor: One player will need to hold the orb and use its barrier ability to traverse through the toxic gas and back to the pedestal. The orb's ability can be activated at anytime as long as it has enough energy. It starts off with 10 max stacks and can be charged with each mob killed within range. The downside is that the player holding the orb cannot attack and will need to be protected. If the player drops the orb it will reset to its original position. The orb can only be switched between players at a pedestal. The first barricade will open once the orb have been placed. Make sure to take the orb to the next area. 4. Second Barricade/ Path of Courage:One player will need to retrieve the orb located at the end of the jumping puzzle. While the rest of the party, along with the carrier of the first orb must defend the entrance of the jumping puzzle. Any mobs that get pass the defenders will attack the player trying to retrieve the orb. Recommend one other player to go with and escort the orb retriever. Placing the second orb on the pedestal will open the barricade. 5. Path of Wisdom: At this point the player party will have 2 orbs in their possession. Depending on the clear speed of the previous paths, the party might be clear of the incoming toxic gas to take down the boss with out the need of barriers. However if the party is slow, they will need to coordinate their barrier usage. Assuming they are fully charged before the fight, the party will have 20 seconds of barrier to kill the boss. If the dps is low, don't worry as the boss will summon mobs that can be cleaved down for additional orb charges. Once the boss is taken down, the final barricade will open and the way to the The Twin Spires will be clear.

Creature Design:gawMToc.jpg A few creatures and possible boss designs I sketched The mechanics might seem complicated but this part of the fractal serves more as a mini event or possible mechanic tutorial for the next phase. I can already think of many ways to speed clear this part with portals and all those shenanigans exploits as I type this out lol. As always, any feedback is appreciated! Also let me know if you guys would like to see more of anything like sketches, environments, architecture etc. Thanks for all your support everyone, stay safe and well.

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The amount of conceptualization, artistic ability, thorough planning and thoughtful creation here is absolutely astounding. You are very, very skilled.

Edit: Your ability to faithfully recreate GW's signature art style throughout these make them look like official Behind the scenes work, too. Insane.

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