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Wherefore be our precious Dornsinger?

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Herald of Communal Harmony, where hast thou gone?

Hark, dare I dread his presence lost and forgotten,The venom of deceivers, spoiling his soul rotten?Retributor of truth and bastion of Human Spirit,Did the dark pit of Reddit make you fear it?

Suspended in a void of loss and tears,we've lost a man with such patient ears,Who now this journey of forums will steer,For poor Dornsinger has not posted on reddit in seven-twelfths of a year!

Herald of Communal Harmony, where hast thou gone?

Your words we yearn to bask in and read,will this terribly written poem have you take heed?

Return to us. Your silence is deafening.Somethingsomething weafening.

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@Dragon Priestess.9760 said:Not sure what this is even about.

Dornsinger, a lead GM for Guild Wars 2, has been brow raisingly absent lately. Their finest works include being a voice for Arenanet on Reddit, including a beacon of truth in public posts about people being suspended or banned. Dornsinger is also known for their ability to teleport at will, score perfect games of golf on any of the 2,633 golf courses throughout Canada in any weather or wind conditions, and the power to draw the soul from the body on it's expiration, consuming only a small portion of one's lifeforce before returning it to it's host, renewing and reviving them in the process. Scholars debate whether this is good or evil, but many claim it is good due to the net gain in life and quality of life on an overall scale.

Edit: It's come to my attention that one statement in particular is incorrect. While they can indeed score perfect games of any of the aforementioned Canadian golf courses, it is in fact only within the Canadian border that this can occur. A small detail, but an important one.

Edit 2: Supplemental - If one were to place a new golf course within said border, would Dornsinger gain the ability to perfectly complete it? And would it need to be designed and created within the border, or could one hypothetically be transported to Canada from outside of it's domain and suddenly be affected by Dornsinger's powers?

Edit 3: Note to self, test if powers are locational or are aura-based. Is there a nexus of power in Canada? Or does proximity to Dornsinger themselves cause this effect? And if the former, why does the power supposedly cease at the man-made border between Canada and the sea, or the United States? If one were to annex a portion of the country, or change it's borders, are powers lost? Testing criteria noted.

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