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Liquid Aurillium

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I recently came into possession of Liquid Aurillium. I loaded it into one of my Ascended trinkets but did not notice the "exalted shine" it professed to offer. I tried using it on a Legendary trinket and then on one of my articles of clothing. I still did not notice a difference. I changed maps and characters to see if it was perhaps WvW related or PvE etc.. It is now for sale in the Black Lion Trading Post for an ungodly (to me at least) sum of gold. What am I missing ?

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If I thought I could recreate the metallic sheen that using a Juggernaut (Legendary Hammer) skill annoints upon your armor, I would buy multiple vials of Liquid Aurillium, no questions asked...... I would save up and buy them. However, i am not inclined to do so at this time. To those of you who have the resources, by all means buy multiple vials because that metallic sheen (from using a Juggernaut is the most compelling look of any armor, HANDS DOWN ! in my sincerest opinion! Maybe I'll keep my vial and save up and buy a few more. Best of Luck to you guys :-) and thank you for the input.

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