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[Bug] Unable to progress in No Quarter

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I got a reply from the support that they can't help me as it's a bug that must be resolved and I should post it here instead.

Almost two weeks ago, I started No Quarter story all the way up to Distract, Destroy, Distrust.I'm at a step where I'm followed by Rytlock and got a fire magic crystal bomb and must interact with a vent.At the vent I have the option to drop the crystal or not. First time I got there, I was thinking about what I would choose.But then an artillery of the Dominion landed on me and downed me, the choice popup closed.Since then, going back to the vent and picking a choice do not progress the story. It just closes the popup.I can spam the popup and choice several times without anything changing.I tried abandoning the story and restarting the game, but it never helped.

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I started the story 2 weeks ago too, but not in the same spot. I got stuck at the tree markings and Crecia wouldn't talk to me. I put a ticket in with support that they only answered today, June 10th, and she told me to put a bug report in here as well as in game. I hope they don't come back to me and see its taking even longer because there are now TWO tickets for the same issue, as well as a post in the forums. I'm very disappointed and frustrated at this point.

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