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Best stat combo?

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Apologies for the misleading title. Let me reframe my question:

I'm just playing around the build editor at the moment first so I don't waste money switching around.

I want to use equip Celestial (A) and Rampager (B) for my WvW scourge build focusing mainly on removing boons from enemies. I chose Celestial (A) because apparently that's the best balanced stat and I chose Rampager (B) because apparently Necros don't really have that many condition cleanses:

  1. The best one is Consume Conditions which inflict a condition on yourself; more if you have Master of Corruptions.
  2. Nefarious Favour has a long cool down in WvW and it cannot be reduced via traits.
  3. Locust Swarm has a 900 units range but it travels in a horizontal plane so if you're fighting at an incline, it won't work.

So I decided not to focus on damage and instead focus on boon removal since:

a) Conditions do most damage when duration and stacks are high andb) Conditions get cleansed pretty easily in WvW by other classes I think?

Hence, I also decided to equip Sigil of Generosity which transfers a condition upon critically hitting, so that's dependent on critical hit chance correct? So I'm also equipping Sigil of Perception for that. I also have Sigil of Cleansing on my secondary equipment so if I swap to that, that helps too. I also have Rune of Antitoxin.

So...my question is:

Since I'm equipping a mix of Stat A and Stat B, what's the best combination? Should I have all my armour Stat A, all accessories Stat B, all weapons Stat A? Should I have half of my armour Stat A and Stat B 50/50? How about my accessories? Etc?

For my current goal at least, what is a good critical hit chance percentage? Anything above 75%? Sigil of Generosity has a 6 second cool down so I'm wondering at what critical hit chance percentage would I see diminishing returns and I should instead increase another stat?

At the end of the day, I'm trying to last longer as I noticed power doesn't really affect me currently but I get spammed with conditions and as I said, I don't have good enough cleanses.

So if I can apply boons to myself (as those can be corrupted so more conditions to remove), at least I can take away boons from others (most of my skills now remove rather than corrupt boons) while minimising conditions on myself. I think that would level the field a bit more. I also noticed my condition damage doesn't drop too low either.

Sorry for the horrible flow of information. I had so many questions, I didn't know where to start.

Thank you!

Link to my current build:http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PS1As2ZlVwyYcMPmJOqL2vNA-z1QY1ohVC+QiSCErKoXhgkHA-w

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what's the best combination?

The best combination is not using any of those stats and using a build from vabbi.eu/metabattle or whatever your server is advertising on their discord. Scourge that focuses only on strips is useless, just like a scourge that only focuses on damage. You need both because enemy with no boons will still get hit by your strips, but they wont have any effect. Condi builds are rarely useful unless they have very strong burst (usually rev and guard) so the best scourge builds currently use power gear aka berserker (or marauder, but it's unnecessary nowadays due to damage nerfs).

If we're talking about roaming, scourge is one of the worst specs to play since shades are easy to counter and scourge has less defensive options than reaper and core necro so there's no point of using it in a solo scenario.

Your current build makes no sense since your utilities are focused on self sustain and pulling conditions (which is unnecessary since other classes do that 10 times better while also giving you sustain and necessary boons, which you're also lacking because you took different scourge GM trait).

As I said, check valid build sources because those builds are made by experienced players. Buildcrafting in a group setup is pointless because good builds already exist and there's nothing you can do to make them better. The only thing you can do is adapt it to your play style when you play solo or just swapping out a few stuff, while the core of the build remains the same. The core of your build focuses on everything that other builds already do far better + some random boon strip here and there instead of focusing on burst damage, boon corrupts and some barriers/cleanses on the side.

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