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[SUGGESTION] Guild hall Arena reccomendations


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  1. Thin, long walls.
  2. Large, flat platforms.
  3. Stairs.
  4. Towers

Optional Effects

  1. Disable mounts option
  2. Fill the voids/fall traps with forcefield walls so they can be walked over
  3. random spawning ground traps like weakness, poison and such

Ease of Life stuffAllow placement mode to be disabled IN ARENA for better field testing.
Allow the placement of items to be done via mouse, like with aoe skills many classes have (just for greater control over where stuff goes).Allow a birds eye view of the arena for placement mode, swapping the camera out to a camera positioned above the central spot of the map.

For the items, the walls are almost a requirement as the pillars are simply ugly, Flat platforms will allow for raised positions and stairs will let players access them. Towers are an idea if the platforms arent acceptable, although they are a poor fit for the arena sizes.

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