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[Suggestion] Toxic armor set aditional parts?

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By this topic, I am suggesting the addition of another parts of Toxic armor set, for example if Toxic Tunic and / or Cuirass can be next addition to the Toxic armor set. I really like their "reptilian scales with thorns" look, the important fact that these are individual armor parts (compared to nocustomizable 1-item whole outfits), and I would like this armor set to be complete in the future. I mean really complete with all 6 armor parts (7 if backpack(=cape) included), like Hellfire or Radiant armor skins. Those armor sets also have all 6 parts as individual and interchangeable items, not like vast majority of noncustomizable 1-item Gem Store outfits or non-complete armors like for example only 2 Jackall Rune armor parts.

What are other ppl opinions about this?

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