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[THV] EU is re-opening!

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while, and the guild Thesaurum Venatores wasn’t active for a few years. But things tend to change, so we are looking for some fresh blood ?First, a few words about the guild. We are aiming to have a tight, but friendly guild, which will give you a feeling of having a little family online. A lot of us are casual, and just enjoying the game, at the same time we have players, who are aiming for the high-tier content and would be glad for a company. And yeah, mainly we are PVE focused. So we are welcoming any player, experienced or not, because the social part for us is the most important.We have a few rules that will also let you understand if our guild will be a place for you:

  1. No racism
  2. No offensive attitude to your guildmates
  3. No homophobia
  4. No sexism
  5. 18+ (this rule is applied since we were always a mature guild)For more information, please message me in-game (Darkmoore.4528), I’m up for any questions ?

Have a nice day and enjoy your time! ?

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