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[QoL suggestions] Total makeover kit


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I got some of those, and as they don't come that cheap, I don't want them to go to waste, which means I spend quite some times tweaking and tuning a new face, and then discarding all to try again the day after etc. That's why I'm asking for 2 improvements in the UI :

  1. Add a "set to zero" button : that button would shift back all dials to the middle mark. Some of my current characters have a specific set of values that make them look the way I intended, but with the new faces, it's just ugly. It'd be convenient to all put back to average to have a better look of the features.
  2. Add numerical values to the dials : it's for memory purposes. Currently, when I find something that I like, I do screens of all the dials, and some days later, I try to put them back from the screens I took, yet it often doesn't really work the same. With numerical values I could just set back exactly the same, it'd be easy to "reload" a previously tried face. (or just add a "save current" option :p)

Thanks for attention !

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