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Game recording

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NVIDIA Shadowplay has a useful feature where you constantly record the last five minutes and then hit a button to save that five minute chunk as a permanent file.

As to program I don’t have much advice because I rarely upload video, so I look it up and make a decision on a per case basis. Adobe is a solid choice as is a free program that I think has “light” in the name.

As for recording settings you should use higher quality settings to get higher quality videos.

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Softperfect Ramdisk with a 2gb mount-on-boot A: drive, Nvidia Shadowplay recording 4 minutes back in time 1440p@60fps@50mpbs (yeah I know its a little overkill). I only have an NVME drive in my computer so that's why I use a ramdisk - dont want to constantly write to the ssd. I normally record things in WvW, I've only used the constant record when playing an sPvP round.

Postprocessed in Handbrake to 1440p@60fps CBR (because Shadowplay runs VBR and not true 60fps which fucks up editing). Easy to cut the relevant period, like if you just had a 30s good fight, then you want to cut 3 minutes and 30s from it obviously and it makes it alot easier to edit later since you have "finished" clips. Quick encodes with nvenc. You'll want to look up encode settings for Youtube.

Edited with Davinci Resolve because it's the fucking only video editor that I've managed to get working ok. And trust me, I tried every "best video editing" app. If they didnt crash, they lagged, they frooze, they took hours to export a 30s clip, they where audio crackling, just plain wouldnt work or was so overly obtuse and complicated it was faster to just hack together clips with Windows Movie Maker. I find Resolve to be incredibly easy at the "simple" things, making a quick sequence of clips with fades, speed up/down, multiple editing tracks etc. The only thing I dont like is that it by default exports videos at like infinite mpbs lol. Have to remember to limit it.

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