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I wanted to do something nice but..

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Hello guys,I am confused and I need your opinion.It is almost year when Dulfy (guide creator) has left gaming world. A lot of people missed her guides and at that time I already had some guide videos on ytb. I hyped myself for making dulfy-like website. I wanted to do something nice and fill up empty space which Dulfy left. I have payed for web hosting, domain, web certificates and program to help me with html. Because I was really really hyped I have bought 5 years licenses. I put hundreds of hours to create this website, guides and spend hours of farming for lottery. I was happy to do that.And now there is big BUT..It looks like I upset part of the community. I didn't realize that people would rather put it on wiki than on another site. A lot of people wrote me a lot of grumpy messages. I said them that they can use all my materials for wiki if they want but i only got another grumpy messages.Now I don't know what to do. It looks like even Arenanet doesn't like guides outside wiki or ytb. I don't want to abandon my work, my first very own project but I am scared of another grumpy messages and I feel like I did something unwanted.i am really sorry that I am crying here I just had to confine in somewhere.

Sincerely Player

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Don't be sorry for being kind! Some people are so adverse to change that they can get... kitteny. If you have a passion and you have a way, by all means, keep pursuing what you love. Also, don't let the actions of a few discourage you from doing something for the many out that there that would probably appreciate it. I agree 100% with Bealis, it sounds like a solid plan.

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