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Superior Rune of Sanctuary Bug (Guardian)

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Hi, I like messing around with theorycrafting builds in PvP for fun and I found that the Superior Rune of Sanctuary does not work as you would always expectIt also does not apply any barrier from the healing accrued by dealing damage with Litany Of Wrath, as I was hoping. So I decided to look into it a little more...

There are some other odd inconsistencies;

-The barrier granted from Healing Ability applies without having taken prior damage, as does the barrier from Monk's Focus. This means barrier can be gained out of combat.It can also be gained out of combat via Altruistic Healing. It does grant barrier from Monk's Focus.-Barrier can only be gained having already taken damage with dodge roll heal, symbol heal, and F2 Active (any specialisaton)

  • Strangely heal on block activates on the first block, meaning it gains barrier without having technically taken any damage prior.-Firebrand gains out of combat healing from 1 on F2 active, but no other out of combat heal from it's skills.


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