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@Strider Pj.2193 said:Thief, ele, Mesmer have all had that ‘teleport’ pretty close to launch.

That’s 8 years now... almost 9.

Almost 8. We haven’t had the 8th anniversary yet (I want my 8th gift! Lol).

And OP, there are some really good Reaper builds with a lot of mobility. If you just take those you may be able to beat many thieves.

Good thieves, of course, will be able to run away from a necro at full tilt but that’s basically a win for you. Are you defending an objective or taking it? Congrats you win! If you are trying to hunt down the most mobile profession alone using necro...you might have picked the wrong profession for chasing. Note, you might still be able to kill them if you changed your build...depending on how committed they are they may not have the resources to run very far.

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@spankyed.4735 said:The thief wasnt even that good but he teleports up and i just can watch him disengage

U can teleport onto elevations as well :). I'm assuming ur reaper as ur choice to be in roaming scenarios, ur gs pull also can be effective in those scenarios. If thief couldn't do things as such how it's designed it be easy food for a class like reaper and be left far helpless than ur current situation.Make sure uve got speed runes if ur trying to roam, regardless though necro has some great strengths but for roaming not the best pic.

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Teleporting is very inconsistent tbh.

Some portals say “range” 5000 but on flat ground are “out of range” after only 2-3k range. But those same portals will work straight up a huge cliff.

Then there are the random “no line of sight spots.” Some spots work, some don’t. Flat ground can show no valid path based on a small invisible bump. (Shout out for the random obstructed bug when shooting projectiles through open air.) Unless you practice in advance you won’t know where you can pull off an escape or not.Verticality is a real issue for the game engine and it leads to an open question of just how much vertical teleport mobility is “intended” and how much is a side effect of how hard it is to code.

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Thief, Necro, Ele, Rev (Has to have a target), Guard (Has to have a target), Mes... (Don't think i'm missing any) can all teleport or shadowstep (Whichever term you prefer) up/through cliffs, not just Thieves.

Thieves are generally a get in and then GTFO playstyle class because if you can actually pin one, they're squishy. Necro has plenty of AoE/pressure skills and conditions to be able to deal with a Thief but if said Thief wants to get away from you, not much your going to be able to do about it...

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