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Hello, I would like to have your opinion on my build.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeiAoqlZw0YdsKWJOUL5JNA-zRIYc0wfGJIBCRBo0LAAA-eI love to play the engineer, but I find it hard in terms of dps.When I see other people almost kill a mob in one go or make a veteran as if it were a simple mob.I have small problems with hand coordination due to a handicap so I am a simple taker if possible, not too much rotation. Thank you

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The people that explodes vets are using full offensive stats, its not that hard to survive when being a glass cannon in this game since you can basically kite most melee enemies.

First of all, understand what stats are more fit for your class; core engineer definitely needs Expertise over Precision. Expertise increases the condi duration you do.

The most optimal stat combination you need is either Viper (condition damage + power and precision + expertise) if you want to be full damage glass cannon, or Trailblazer (condition damage + toughness and vitality + expertise) if you want somethign more tanky but still effective on damage. You can also mix these two stats if you desire, at the end you'll have your condition duration capped.

Use bomb kit instead of Elixir B. Bomb Kit has Fire Bomb and Concussion bomb which are two heavy condi damage skills with relative low cooldown, and bomb kit has your best deffensive skill that will nullify a lot of damage from enemies if used properly, smoke bomb.

You WILL have to rotate between kits though, as a condi engineer you don't have enough power damage to affort autoattacking, but do not feel pressured since open world is not a raid encounter where time is a limitant; just use your condi skills and swap to another kit and so on.

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Engineer can get 40% defense from Protection, so run full offensive stats and use Protection boon instead of armor. If you're a Core/F2P player only or if you have a hard time getting 4-stat armor like Viper's, just use cheap Rampager Exotics off the Trading Post.

Look at these traits in particular:

  • Alchemy: Protection Injection, Emergency Elixer, Iron Blooded
  • Inventions: Over Shield, Reconstruction Enclosure, Experimental Turrets (Thumper Turret pulses Protection with it)

I took a brief look and your build's about halfway there already, your main mistake is chosing Rabid stats. If you do want some passive defense then run Carrion/Rabid instead of just pure Rabid so you have some Power damage.

What you have there is more of a WvW build.

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if you're a handicap may be you shouldn't play engi ... one of the class with a complexe rotation, many weapons's shift ... for the same among of damage them others classes.

if you play PVE, states with toughness are useless.a) Specialization explosive : "glass canon" over "short fuse"b) Specialization alchemy ... ??? You play with only 1 elixir and no elixir's gun, why alchemy (a specialization for support's build) ? Instead of alchemy i think invention would be better :A ex guild's member, also with a handicap, use to play specialization "invention" with autodefense bomb (3), experimental turret (1) & bunker down (2) : only passives abilities so no more touch to press or clic, easier to play.With healing turret and crate "experimental turret" sound more optimal them alchemy HGH.

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If you've got elite specs unlocked, you can try scrapper. It has a lot of self sustain.This is my build, which is more WVW oriented, but has a lot of defensive utilities. I modified it from 'drunk engineer' build.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlFw8YaMH2Jm6WWtOA-zVZYVB3FFgYYlRvJQFFgdDA-w

I chose grenade kit, as its more my style (ranged) and the DPS is much better compared to rifle/pistol.You may want to change your settings though as grenades are ground cast (I chose instant cast at target)

I went with tools for streamlined kits trait, which gives me perm swiftness & +66% movement speed with runes of speedYou should be a kiting god with the speed.It goes well with scrapper object in motion trait, damage is +5% for every boon on you with swiftness, so keep on drinking those elixirs for boons.Heals are plenty -> F1, F2, 6, EG5, plus passive heal from backpack regen trait.Every damage you do generates barrier, there's an emergency barrier with bulwark gyro too.

If you need to get away quick, use the elite sneak gyro which gives you stealth.

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